Why Have a Colonic?

People have colon hydrotherapy for a wide range of reasons.  Some are looking for relief from symptoms of IBS and other gastro-intestinal problems such as bloating, constipation, or diahorea while others simply want to maintain and improve their digestion health and enjoy the light feeling and enhanced energy levels that often come from a treatment.

At A Natural Cleanse, LLC I believe better health starts by having a healthy, clean digestive systems and research shows that I am not alone.

The gut is commonly referred to as our "second brain" responsible for the digestion, absorption and utilization of vital nutrients followed by the eliminication of toxic waste matter from all systems of the body.  When our digestion system get overloaded and sluggish, the rest of the body suffers as we are no longer able to detoxify effectively and therefore open the body up to greater risk of disease, inflammation, infection, parasites and other harmful invaders.

The toxicity can affect us anywhere in the body as once broken through the damage gut wall, toxins yeasts and parasites can travel freely through the bloodstream wreak havoc on the brain and other parts of the body.

Even with the best intentions in the world, few of us eat as healthy as we should, or get enough exercise.  Unfortunately, our bodies simply are not designed for sedatary lifestyle fueled by processed and refined foods full of chemically synthesized ingredients.  Inevitably, this upsets the natural way your digestion system works, leading to a range of negative effects on you health, from digestion and bowel problems, to lethargy and headaches.

By cleansing the colon regularly and taking the necessary steps to reduce the toxic overload in the body, you will find your energy and vitality increases and your overall health greatly improved.  As humans we better process emotion, fuel our bodies and live life to the fullest if we have a healthy gut which leads to a happy mind.

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