Indications for Colon Therapy

Colon Hydrotherapy has been shown to be beneficial for the following conditions.  These indications DO NOT require a prescription from a licensed physician.

Frequent indigestion
Abdominal distention/flatulence or gas and abdominal bloating
Acute fecal impaction
Foul-smelling, compacted stools
Irritable bowel syndrome
Preventive health maintenance for colon health
Atonic colon
Fever from acute illness
Intestinal toxemia
Parasitic infections
Food allergies and sensitivities
Coated tongue and ‘bad-breath’
Skin problems
Preparation for surgery
Preparation for endoscopic procedures (sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy)
Following barium enemas
Preparation for other intestinal diagnostic procedures
hemorrhoids (mild to moderate severity)
To facilitate balance of the intestinal  flora or biome
Coated tongue
Cold extremities
Abdominal weight gain

Contraindications for Colon Hydrotherapy

A Contraindication is when colon hydrotherapy should NOT be considered UNLESS prescribed by a licensed physician.  We will NOT perform colon hydrotherapy with you IF you have a contraindication UNLESS you have a PRESCRIPTION from your licensed physician.

Please review the following health conditions and diseases, and if you have or have had any of these health challenges, you will need to see a doctor prior to having a colonic session to determine if you are a candidate for colon hydrotherapy – or present us with a written release by a physician.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office directly at 503 849 4703

ABDOMINAL HERNIA – Must be released by a physician.

ABDOMINAL SURGERY – A minimum of 12 weeks should pass after surgery and must be released by a physician and prescription for a colonic.

ABNORMAL DISTENTION/MASSES – If distention is because of gas, bloating and fat it’s OK.  If there are masses (one or two areas that are hardened) we cannot do a colonic and we recommend an exam by a physician.

ACUTE LIVER FAILURE – having a colonic would put stress on the liver. If cirrhosis of the liver, the colonic would cause the liver to dump toxins too fast.  We recommend you have an exam by a physician and a written prescription for a colonic.

ANEMIA – this condition weakens an individual. The colonic would put stress on an already weakened system.  You’ll need a Dr. prescription for a colonic.

ANEURYSM – Absolutely no colonic.

CARCINOMA – of the colon, kidney or bladder (walls are weakened). Unable to do a colonic.  If in other areas of the body, it would be ok.  We recommend an exam by a physician and prescription for a colonic.

CARDIAC CONDITION – We need to know what kind of heart condition? Are you seeing a Dr. for this condition? Do they have a pacemaker, congestive heart failure (weakened heart, losing the ability to pump the blood), recent heart attack, heart surgery?  High blood pressure? Under control?  We recommend an exam by a physician and prescription for colonic.

CHROHN’S DISEASE –Limited to the small intestine.  Please let us know if you have this condition.

COLITIS/MUCUS COLITIS –  Colonic can be done, but will be at a low temp of 96 – 98 degrees.

ULCERATIVE COLITIS –We recommend a physician exam and prescription.

DIALYSIS PATIENTS – a colonic would put a lot of stress on the kidneys. We recommend a physician exam and prescription.

DIVERTICULI – Yes, can give a colonic. This will help empty the pockets.

DIVERTICULOSIS – Yes, can give a colonic.  The temp is kept lower (96-98) as well as the flow of water.

DIVERTICULITIS – The diverticula are inflamed. Absolutely no colonic.

FISSURES/FISTULAS – A colonic would put pressure on this area.  We recommend a physician exam and prescription.

HEMORRHAGING – If any sign of bright red blood from the rectum/colon a colonic cannot be administered. I would advise you to see a Doctor.  If a woman is having her menstrual cycle, a colonic could be beneficial to relieve cramping. 

HEMORRHOIDECTOMY – Get a Dr. release before doing a colonic. Needs to be at least 12 weeks after surgery.  The Temperature will be kept lower (94 –96)

INTESTINAL PERFORATION – Cannot do colonic! Symptoms are blood, vomiting, nausea, and fever.

LUPUS –We recommend a physician prescription before doing the colonic.

PREGNANCY – No colonic during the first and last trimester. We recommend a physician exam and prescription.

RECTAL SURGERY –Only after 12 weeks after the surgery and a Doctor’s Release.

RENAL INSUFFICENCIES (Kidney failure) – No colonic!  Colonics work the kidneys.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS – You may be taking prescription drugs that may cause a weakening of the bowel wall. Before receiving a colonic always speak with your Doctor regarding the effect of the drug you are taking and get a medical release for the Colonic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office directly at 503 849 4703 or contact your Doctor.