When Should You Have Colonic?

Colonics are good anytime but are especially beneficial when there is a health issue for which colon and tissue cleaning would be helpful.  Maintenance colonics are a wonderful way of inaugurating every season change.  Colonics are useful to do before a colonoscopy (a medical examination performed by a Gastroenterologist).  Colonics are extremely helpful before, during, and after a fast.  Because colonics often alleviate symptoms of PMS, they are useful to have before and during menstruation. 

Over an extended period of time fecal matter, mucus, toxins and parasites can form a wall of impacted debris in the colon that can cause a build-up of toxicity. Prolonged accumulation of waste matter can also cause lethargy in the muscles of the colon causing a sluggish bowel that cannot make complete bowel movements.

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