What happens during a Session?

A  session may last from 30-60 minutes. Your individual needs and medical history will be discussed in confidence.  The format of the session will be clearly explained and any queries you may have answered.

During the session you remain fully clothed throughout and may either sit or lie on a comfortable couch with a cover. Pillows may be used to support your body. During the session various hand techniques involving either lightly touching or hovering above the body, working from head to toe.  The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the client.  You may want to remain quiet during the session or may choose to talk or sleep. During the session some people may see colors or experience a variety of sensations such as relaxation, warmth, tingling, pressure, lightness or a deep sense of relaxation throughout the body. Some people may not necessarily experience these sensations or feelings as everyone is an individual and we experience things in different ways.

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